Knowledge Fusion Workshops

The KIMCOE/ ARL Knowledge Fusion Research Workshop (KFRW) has been very successful in introducing students and researchers, coming from diverse fields, to Army requirements. The Workshop has attracted internationally recognized fusion researchers, resulting in the building of a strong defense-oriented fusion community that includes HBCU scientists.

Workshops have been held annually since 2003, with the exception of 2008.   Listed below are some of the key workshop participants and the titles of some of their presentations.  In addition, annual Workshop themes   and special panel discussions are shown to indicate the range of topics addressed since KIMCOE was established.

Key KFRW Participants & Their Presentations

» 2007

Dale A. Walsh, MITRE Corporation - “Army Fusion Way-Ahead”

Richard T. Antony, SAIC - “ Service-Based Decomposition of the Fusion Process to Support both HUMINT and  Traditional Technical Sensor Data”

Donald E. Brown, University of VA - “ Asymmetric Warfare Attack Forecasting”

Ed Waltz, BAE Systems - “Context-Aware Fusion Processes for Analysis and Overwatch of Human Terrain”

Annie Green, Keane Federal Systems - “Are You Preparing for Our Harvest? - Knowledge”

Hai Phu, CERDEC - “Soft Target Exploitation and Fusion”

R. Kaste, J. Richardson, M. Mittrick, ARL - “Research for a Policy-Driven Battlespace Awareness Network”

D. Watkins, C. Thomas, KIMCOE - “Implementation of Distributed Data Repository for Advanced Agent-based Fusion and Real-time Multimedia Data Transmission”

L. Bronner, A. Richards, KIMCOE - “Integrating Multi-Agent Technology with Cognitive Modeling to Develop an Insurgency Information Framework”

» 2006

General (retired) Frank Cardile, Lockheed Martin - “An Operational View of Data Fusion”

James Llinas, SUNYBuffalo- “New Challenges for Defining Fusion Requirements”

Dana Ulery, ARL - “Defense Situational Understanding in the Struggle Against Violent Extremism”

James Hendler, U of Maryland - “The Policy Aware Web”

Daniel Weitzner, MIT - “Transparent Accountable Data Mining”

Donald Brown, U of Virginia - “Asymmetric Threat Tracker”

Jeffrey Bradshaw, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition - “KAoS: Overview and Applications of a Semantically-Rich Policy Services Framework”

Ed Waltz, BAE Systems - “Social Context Awareness for Analysis and Overwatch of the Human Terrain”

Craig Scott, KIMCOE - “Autonomous Synthetic Battlefield Displays”

Vincent Oria, NJIT - “Event-based Fusion of Distribution Multimedia Data Sources”

» 2005

William Neal, MITRE - “Today’s Priorities and a Recent Success in Army Knowledge Management Research”

George Pickett, VP, Northrop Grumman - “Dominant Problems in Warfighting”

Richard Russomanno, U of Memphis - “Center for Advanced Sensors”

Rakesh Nagi, SUNY Buffalo - “Fusion Technology Development for Urban/Asymmetric Warfare: Deductive and Inductive Approaches”

Roy George, Clark Atlanta U. - “Event-based Middleware for Sensor Networks”

Richard Antony, SAIC - “VISE Support to Situation Understanding & Threat Prediction”

Richard Scherl, Monmouth U. - “Knowledge Fusion Education”

» 2004

Eugene DeLoatch, KIMCOE - “Building a Knowledge Community”

Marian Cherry, DoD - “Horizontal Fusion”

Dale Walsh, MITRE - “Army Fusion Challenges”

James Llinas, SUNY Buffalo - “Revisiting the JDL Data Fusion Model II”

Ed Waltz, Alphatech - “Foreign Civil Intellignece”

V.S. Subrahmanian, U of Maryland - “The STORY System for Extracting Stories from Heterogeneous Data Sources”

James Hendler, U of Maryland - “The Policy Aware Web”

Donald Brown, U of Virginia - “Choice Models for Forecasting Terrorist Events in Urban Environments”

Richard Antony, SAIC - “Ontology Considerations & Applied Fusion Reserach”

H. Munoz-Avila and Jeff Heflin, Lehigh U - “OntoPlan: Knowledge Fusion Using Semantic Web Ontologies”

» 2003

Jeffrey Ullman, Stanford U - “Locality Sensitive Hashing”

Anil Nerode, Cornell U - “Complexity and Hybrid Systems”

Mark Klein, MIT - “Improved Process Retrieval Using Process Ontologies”

Donald Brown, U of Virginia - “Threat Assessment and Fusion”

V.S. Subrahmanian, U of Maryland - “Knowledge Fusion Research Overview & Managing Heterogeneous Knowledge”

James Hendler, U of Maryland - “Knowledge Fusion and the Semantic Web”

Larry Davis, U of Maryland - “Managing Visual Knowledge”

Lisa Getoor, U of Maryland - “Mining Knowledge Sources” 

Judi Thomson, DOE PNNL - “Knowledge Research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory”

KFRW Themes:

2007    How Well Are We Aligned with Army Network Science?
2006    Defense Siituational Understanding in the Struggle Against Violent Extremism
2005    Modern Fusion Research:  An Area Within Network Science
2004    What Are the Critical Gaps in Current Fusion Efforts?  How Can Human-Machine Symbiosis Models Lead to Improvements?
2003    Knowledge Fusion: An Integrative Science To Support NetCentric Operations

KFRW Panels:
2007    Meeting the Challenges of the IED Problem
2006    New Challenges, New Solutions:  Social Context Awareness, the Semantic Web, & More
2005   Knowledge Engineering / Science Curricula - What Is It? Recommendations to the Army Science Board
2004    Knowledge Fusion Education The State of the Art of Knowledge Fusion for the Future Force

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